A guide to looking after your Santé skin care

For all you need to know about keeping your Santé skin care products in tip-top condition

When buying any other skin care products, how to look after them doesn’t need to feature because they are either single-use (like wipes or cotton pads) or disposable, so once you’ve finished with them (like cleansers, toners and exfoliators) you throw them out… but Santé’s special.

From our magical Makeup Removers to our top-to-toe Cleansers and Exfoliators, our skin care products remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate using hydrating water and are made to last, meaning they are both skin-loving and earth-loving... but how?

How does reusable skin care work?

Aside from being totally magical, every Santé skin care product is made by hand at our international headquarters in Austria, where the team have the sewing skills and decades of experience in the textile industry.

After the sewing process, the quality of each product is put under the microscope (literally) to make sure every product is in tip-top condition before being packed-up and shipped to our sunny shores.

The raw materials pass all kinds of tests to ensure they are quality, non-toxic, environmentally friendly little fibres, and because the composition of the fibres are specially selected to make sure they do their job of removing makeup, cleansing or exfoliating, they only need hydrating, skin-loving water to work effectively.

Just water and quality fibres like no other (yes, our fibre technology is patented) mean our skin care range can be washed and reused again and again for up to 3 years. Plus, we upcycle old Santé Fibres by turning them into car seats at the end of their lifecycle… guilt-free, sustainable skin care.

Keeping your santé skin care in tip-top condition

Magical, yes, immortal, no – our products are long-lasting but you got to treat them right.


Wash your fibre fresh skin care before you try it out.
Hang-up your skin care products between washes to help them dry.
Wash your Santé skin care in the laundry bag that comes with your order.
Wash with detergent between 40-60°C.


Leave damp Santé skin care lying around, hang it up or wash to keep fresh.
Wash with softener, fabric softener coats the fibres with their softening properties. By coating our Makeup Removers they will be less effective at doing their job - lifting makeup from your skin.
Set your Santé fibres for a spin in the dryer, air dry to keep your fibres in tip-top condition.