Why Cosmopolitan voted our makeup remover best makeup remover


If you're looking to be convinced...look no further 

We don’t think skin care needs to be complicated for truly beautiful results, and we think makeup removal should be quick and kind to your skin…and it turns out Cosmopolitan Australia couldn’t agree more!

When it comes to skin care, we’re all about a minimalist approach. With so many skin care products claiming to produce – oh-so-many marvellous results – before long you’ve got more lotions and potions than you know what to do with, you’ve spent a small fortune, and you need to set your alarm half an hour earlier to get prepped and primed.

We want to take skin care back to basics, and the people that know all-there-is to know about skin care and makeup removal, named our Makeup Removers ‘The Best Makeup Remover’ in their 2017 beauty awards.

With so much choice from wipes, gels, liquids and oils…we ditched chemical formulas for a kinder approach that harnesses the natural skin-loving properties of water.

Mindful of the impact the skin care industry has on the environment, and the effects unknown chemical ingredients have on our skin, Santé developed a uniquely woven, handcrafted fibre skin care range that will reinvent the way you think about skin care. The fibres awaken the surface of your skin, lift makeup and impurities (with just water) to reveal a luminous complexion. No chemicals means you maintain the harmony of you skins natural oils.

A Cosmopolitan Beauty Award not enough to convince you to redefine your skin care routine? Here are all the reasons why Santé and water should be your makeup removal routine.

We keep it simple…

Any skin care specialist will tell you that removing your makeup and cleansing the skin is a skin care must… and we’re pleased to tell you that this process doesn’t need to be complicated. Santé’s three-step makeup removal allows you to simplify your skin care, without compromising on naturally beautiful skin.

Step 1. Wet your Makeup Remover and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2. Work the Makeup Remover in soft circular motion over the skin’s surface and let the fine fibres and unique weave lift makeup and impurities from the skin.

TIP. If you wear waterproof makeup, use a little coconut oil with your Makeup Remover for a nourishing and natural makeup removal solution.

Step 3. Gently pat your skin dry, we recommend using a super soft, and super absorbent bamboo Face Towel.

You’re done. Embrace the power of simplicity with Santé.

We keep it kind…

Mindful of the impact the skin care industry has on the environment, Santé is pioneering and proud to stand out within the market as a sustainable product that honestly cares for your skin and the environment. Our Makeup Removers are handcrafted by expert seamstresses in Austria, the quality doesn’t get any better, and it means that after using your Santé Makeup Removers you simply place them in your Santé Laundry Bag, wash with an environmentally responsible detergent, and air dry to use again and again.

We’re so proud that one set of seven Santé Makeup Removers in one year could replace up to 365 disposable cotton pads or wipes, and Santé will always continue to explore new ways to collectively reduce our effect on the planet.

We keep it quick…

If we told you there was one product that could remove all of your makeup in under 2 minutes… and was actually good for your skin… would you be interested?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Santé Makeup Removers do just that. All you need to do is wet the fibre disc and let the uniquely woven, ultra-fine fibres do the hard work, as they lift makeup from within your pores and trap it within their weave.

Unlike disposable wipes, you’re not just moving makeup around your face. The texture of the discs also works to stimulates the skin’s surface and promote new cell growth and a glowing complexion…just by adding water.

But would they really replace wipes when it comes to speed and convenience? Picture this, you’re out late, you come home, you want to crawl into bed but you have to remove your makeup. Simply keep your Santé’s Makeup Remover discs on your nightstand with a bottle of water. Wet the disc and cleanse your skin in bed, no chemical residue and no drying alcohol. Your skin’s natural oils remain balanced and you’ll wake up fresh-faced and ready for the day ahead.

We keep it nice and natural…

For us, without question cosmetics and cleansers should be kind and gentle, using ingredients that come straight from the source, that nurture and work with the skin’s natural structure.

US researchers have found that 1 in 8 of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products was originally designed for industrial use1. With that said, we have the nice and natural answer – by just adding water to your Santé Makeup Remover, you’re protecting your skin from harsh chemicals, especially around the delicate eye area. You’ll also maintain the balance of your skin’s natural oils and let the water do what it does best, soothe and hydrate. Perfect for all skin types, Santé promotes healthy skin and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revived.

Not only do we have Cosmopolitan vouching for us, our brand ambassador Isabel Lucas, explains why Santé is her skin care of choice.

We keep it real

We know that many cosmetic and skin care products have claimed to transform your skin…we’re not claiming to work miracles, but quite simply our Makeup Removers work. Water and our unique fibres are a match made in makeup remover heaven, no harsh products needed, the fibres reach into your pores to lift and trap makeup every time.

Watch them in action and read what our Customers have been saying.

We keep it convenient

We’re thinking 7 is the magic number! Seven days a week means seven magical Makeup Removers. We’ve got your makeup removal needs covered every day of the week with our Santé Makeup Remover set. Once they have been used, simply pop them in their Laundry Bag and wash to use again. No waste, no pollution, just beautiful skin from beautiful skin care.